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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Ways to Destroy Your Ability To Compete-Quickly! by Dr. Leif H. Smith

In the world outside of sports, a common principle is that we get results according to that which we decide to focus on. The same is true in the sports world. In any given moment, your emotions are directly linked to that which you are deciding to think about (or, focus on).

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Youth Baseball Pitcher Tips For Coaches And Players by: Chip Lemin

As our long winter begins up north, my coaching buddies and I where talking about youth baseball pitchers along with some tips we all have used in baseball. I hope you may find some help in the following article.

Every kid wants to pitch in baseball it seems. Pitchers are learning how to throw pitches and are the center of the game. Young pitchers set the pace of the little league game. Young pitchers feel great when they strike out the No. 3 hitter in the lineup. They float to the dugout when after a one, two, three inning. They don't have to run off the field like everybody else. The baseball pitcher gets walk off after the third out. It is a rewarding position to play in baseball. It can also be very humbling when you lose the strike zone, start getting hit, or your defense has trouble helping you out. The worst part is when you have to be taken out of the game or off the pitcher's mound. Read the entire article at has one of the internet's largest and most complete selctions of baseball training aids for pitchers. Make sure to check out's huge selction of baseball pitching dvds, videos and books for coaches.

Friday, September 26, 2008

BatAction Hitting Machine - Great off-season workout.

The BATACTION SELF-TRAINER™ HITTING MACHINE makes batting practice fun, entertaining, convenient and highly productive. This amazing new breakthrough in hitting technology makes batting practice so entertaining that it is often called the "Backyard Basketball Goal For Batters"! The reason for this "nickname" is that baseball and softball players love to hit as much as basketball players love to shoot. Having a hitting station in your yard 24-7 allows players to hit or practice on "impulse" when they are bored and looking for something to do. Wouldn't you rather that your player swing the bat for fun rather than play "Game Box", play "Horse" or watch TV?

The BATACTION SELF-TRAINER™ HITTING MACHINE offers a wide variety of hitting drills and workout options. There is a drill manual included with each machine purchased. Players can select the drills that will help them overcome their weaknesses if they have one. The drill manual also outlines the highly popular "20 Minute BatAction Workout"

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weight Training and Baseball by Rob Maraby

Baseball is known as perhaps one of the most inactive sports there is-by this I mean you don’t really have to be a top athlete to actually be the best at the game!

Compared to other games there is far less activity and running! However strength is crucial in this game! When you are strong, you can hit harder, you can be quicker at base-running and you will have stronger throws- all of which are the needed to win the game. And isn’t that what all baseball players want to have the ability to hit home runs with ease? And make flying passes at the bases beating the throwers to the plate?

Now you can say that some players are gifted and can hit home runns without much training. But for most players , strength training is crucial if they want to excel at the game!

Read the entire article at the Baseball Coaches Digest. has books and DVDs on off-season weight training for baseball players.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are You a Good Youth Baseball Coach? By Chip Lemin

Are you ready for another season of watching your youth baseball team make tons of errors? Well, if your not,check out a few drills you can use winter work outs or spring training.

These drills are fun for youth baseball players, along with helping them learn fielding fundamentals lacking many of today's youth baseball players.So print them up for for better results fielding the ball this year.

Continue Article at Baseball Coaches Digest. Has Baseball Coaching Videos, DVDs and Books

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baseball Training Product Spotlight: Handsback Hitter Trainer

The Hands Back Hitter corrects hitting flaws.

The offset tee position makes you contact the ball between the balls of your feet. The resistor arch makes you stride carefully to balance softly on the lead toe. The vertical popper elevates the ball after the front foot is down, creating the timing sequence of the early stride. The front toe down on the string and the heel up sets the stage for bat launch through hip rotation. Feel and teach how to load/coil your body as you stride to hit and the effortless power that comes from torque.

The Hands Back Hitter™, the affordable, portable, personal batting station that keeps them training and swinging right even when your not there.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baseball Defensive Coaching Tip - Buy Your "Good Glove and Softer Hands"Trainer At The Toy Store...

"Soft-hands" are a must for great defensive play, particularly for the infielders. One of the commonly used tools for teaching and developing soft-hands and the use of two hands is the "paddle or hard disk" baseball training gloves.

You Can Buy Your "Good Glove and Softer Hands"Trainer At The Toy Store.

You can buy a very inexpensive yet very useful defensive trainer at most toy stores and mass merchants. Go to the store's toy section. Look for those "catch-it" toys that consist of two "dish shaped catchers" with hand-straps. They have vecro on the concave side and are used to catch a tennis ball.

This game sells for under $10 and it makes two great trainers. Have your infielders take "soft" ground balls wearing this device. It will help them develop "softer hands" and will really improve their glove skills. It teaches them not to reach and to always use two hands. It also teaches them very rapidly to move their feet and "front the ball".

Good Luck til next time, Nick Defensive Training Products

Baseball Coaches: Save Money On Baseball Training Equipment

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baseball Coaches Digest - Articles For Baseball Coaches

The Baseball Coaches Digest, one of the internet's largest collections of baseball coaching articles. We have articles on every aspect of baseball coaching including coaching baseball hitters, coaching pitchers, coaching defense, baseball practice planning and organization, baseball player motivation, and much, much, more.

Our goal is to provide you with a source of coaching information that you will find useful and interesting. Make sure to "bookmark" this site to your favorites so that you can visit us often. We will be adding at least 12 new coaching aricles every month.

Baseball Coaches Digest - "Do your baseball coaching homework"

Important Aspects Of A Baseball Coach by: Sintilia Miecevole

Being a baseball coach can be very rewarding. It is a big responsibility, though. You are basically the ‘leader’ of your team, and how you act will directly affect how the assistant coaches and the players act. There are some tips you can follow to make yourself a better baseball coach.

Read the entire article at - "You can build it...we can help!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Basics of Swing Building in Baseball" By John Peter Pero

I will assume that your player(s) have a basic working knowledge of good swing mechanics. Players who practice incorrectly not only waste time, but tend to go backwards to the point that it can affect their future success and love of the game. The baseball road is littered with talented players who have been eliminated from the game prematurely when poor youth baseball swing mechanics become overmatched by superior pitching and the improvement of their own teammates.

Let's Get to the Point.And to the Progression

The following are six (6) areas that can simplify this building block process.

Read entire article by By John Peter Pero at

Hitting Mechanic Training Videos at

Baseball Hitting Mechanics - Coaching Points

Coaching Point: If a batter is popping the ball up or missing the ball completely, chances are good that the batter is “flying open” or “losing the front-side” during the swing.

The batter should use a closed stance and make a special effort to keep the toes, knees, belly button, and shoulders square to the plate until contact is made with the ball.

Coaching Point: If a batter is hitting everything into the dirt with a weak ground ball, chances are good that the batter is attacking the ball too soon. The batter should allow the ball to “come-inside” the batters front foot before attacking the ball to insure that proper contact can be made.

Attacking the ball with proper timing allows the batter to use the front leg as leverage to generate maximum power. The bat makes contact with the ball on a level plane rather than after the bat starts “arching upward”. This level contact allows the batter to hit line drives.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tips on Coaching Pitchers To "BACK UP BASES"

We all know the importance of backing up bases. The pitcher's ability to field overthrows at 3rd and Home always determines if the overthrown ball will advance the runners an extra base.
When the ball is hit into the outfield, it is important for the pitcher to make the proper decision whether to backup 3rd or Home. To make this decision the pitcher must know where the throw is going by knowing the "outfield throwing rules".

In most situations with 2 or more runners on the ball is going to be thrown to 3rd to hold the runner at 2nd. Such a situation would be runners at 1B and 2B and the batter hits a double. The outfielder may throw to Home on hard hit ball right at them. This will be determined by where the outfielder's playing depth and the outfielder's arm strength.

Pitchers should always remember the 3 "RULES of BACKATIVITY":
1) Get as deep as you can. Know the field you are playing on. Get there fast!
2) Always be in a "Break Down" fielding position that allows you to move in any direction!
3) Be ready to "STOP THE BALL AT ALL COST!" Keep the ball in front of you! It should never reach the fence or go into the dugout!

Good luck til next time.
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