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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baseball Hitting Mechanics - Coaching Points

Coaching Point: If a batter is popping the ball up or missing the ball completely, chances are good that the batter is “flying open” or “losing the front-side” during the swing.

The batter should use a closed stance and make a special effort to keep the toes, knees, belly button, and shoulders square to the plate until contact is made with the ball.

Coaching Point: If a batter is hitting everything into the dirt with a weak ground ball, chances are good that the batter is attacking the ball too soon. The batter should allow the ball to “come-inside” the batters front foot before attacking the ball to insure that proper contact can be made.

Attacking the ball with proper timing allows the batter to use the front leg as leverage to generate maximum power. The bat makes contact with the ball on a level plane rather than after the bat starts “arching upward”. This level contact allows the batter to hit line drives.

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