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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Coaches Are Often Remembered As Childhood Heroes

Why Coaches Are Often Remembered As Childhood Heroes
By: Gregg Hall

Very often it is more than just a mother or father that shares in raising a child. Other people can be very influential in the way that a child turns out and for the morals and values that are instilled within them. This person could be anyone but very often it is a child's coach. Coaches are normally a huge influence on a child and a very positive role model as well. Most look at a coach as a person who teaches child perseverance and how to be dedicated and win the game. This could be in part because as a coach is instilling values that are relevant to the game, they are also values that are spilling over into the child's life. As he grows, he remembers things that he was taught by his coach.

One way that a coach teaches a child to win the game is to establish goals and this is a critical factor when one is growing up. In order to be a sound and responsible adult, you should establish goals as this is how you get from point A to point B. So coaches instill this quality in children while they are still young and impressionable. They also teach children how to never give up and to be determined to finish whatever they begin. These are all things that set a foundation for the path that leads into adulthood.

Coaches also instill the values of how to work in a team setting and adults are all too familiar with that concept. Those who can not work in a team environment are sure to get left behind. There is a lesson to be learned from coaches whether the game is won or lost. Coaches say just the right things that are often exactly what a child needs to hear especially from someone other than a parent. Another important lesson that coaches teach is making sure that a child follows through with everything to the best of their ability. If that lesson follows through the rest of their life, they will surely be winners.

Good coaches teach children that winning is secondary to everything else that the game in its entirety teaches. The outcome of the game is not always going to result in a big win or a big loss so it is important to teach how to be a graceful winner as well as a graceful loser. Coaches very often are the ones who children look back from adulthood as one of their childhood heroes but may have never realized at the time exactly what an important role this person actually played in their lives until they became more mature.

It would be then that they would discover how much their coach actually did help them walk through life and become the person that they have become. The real shame is that all too often coaches themselves do not know how much of an influence that they played in the children who surrounded them and their life growing into adulthood.

About The Author-- Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about coaching as well as sports equipment at

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