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Friday, February 27, 2009

Coaching Youth Baseball - Facing a Overpowering or Dominate Pitcher

I thought would discuss our teams approach to facing what we feel is a dominate and overpowering pitcher. In high school, we are talking about a pitcher throwing in the upper 80s and lower 90s with good off speed stuff. I am talking baout a totally over poering pitcher. For example, we faced a hard throwing lefty thsi week, he was upper 80s, good pitch command and control, and had 3 solid pitches. He is projected to be drafted and has already signed. He had given up no runs on 2 hits in the first 3 games he pitched this season.

Here are several things we talk about and do in our approach to this situation:
1. Take a lot of pitches, make his pitch count climb.
2. Every batter will do two things to increase his own bat speed. A)Choke up an inch on the bat or downsize one each in bat length.B) Move deeper in the batters box.
3. Start the hands in motion. Have the hands moving forward on the start of the pitch.
4. Hit the ball early in the count, do not allow him to get ahead without taking cuts.
5. If we go through the order once and do not touch it, we may start laying down bunts and trying to to get on base with base hit bunting.
6. If he wark fast, we will try to break his rythm.

By the ay...we won 2-1. Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping in....Nick

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