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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Louisville Slugger Bats, Get the Advantage Over Your Competition Every Time

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Article Title: 2010 Louisville Slugger Bats, Get the Advantage Over Your Competition Every Time

By Jeff Heitz

2010 Louisville Slugger Triton
The Triton bat comes with Louisville's 3x composite technology. It features a 3 zone design with one-piece strength for optimum power. The exclusive Bubble Transition Zone in this bat offers tremendous barrel to handle bonding that will leave you completely confident as you did in at the plate. These are 3 reasons why Louisville's Triton bat will be seen and heard from this year and years to come!

2010 Louisville Slugger H2 HyBrid
This Bad Boy Is It! This is the next advanced step in hybrid technology from the sinister labs of Louisville Slugger/TPX. The H2 features a stiff 3x composite handle with the legendary ST+20 alloy barrel for superior performance and long lasting durability. Put me in coach I'm ready to play!

2010 Louisville Slugger Exogrid
This Is Louisville's Favorite Son! If you are craving power and performance through the legendary stiffness and strength then the Exogrid is for you! The awesome combination of one piece construction and carbon composite inserts that create rigid handle stiffness has simply made this bat the choice of many hitters across the country. You just might be in zone every time you step into the batters box with this monster in your hands!

2010 Louisville Slugger Omaha
This bat is as good as an old friend! The latest addition to the Omaha family is the Omaha 7c composite. The Omaha bat has been designed to catapult performance with top shelf strength and durability to boost confidence in anyone's swing. Entering its second season in the league this beast has proven that it can proudly wear the Omaha name and is willing to help take anyone who wants to try it to the top!

2010 Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty
Raising the standard once again! This bat shows that Louisville just keeps raising the bar for excellence. The new Dynasty features multiple layers of aerospace grade graphite and s-glass fibers witch gives this bat the 7c composite design. This gives the Dynasty the top combination of long life and extreme durability. The Dynasty is just another bat in a long list of high quality bats that any hitter would thrilled to use. Let's play ball.

Louisville Slugger Warrior
The Rebirth of a Bad Mans Bat! Louisville has combined the past successful performance of this bat with with its ever changing and advancing technology to produce a bat that sure to bring results to anybody's game. The Warrior is designed to have optimum balance to produce a fluid swing that will help create statistics that any hitter would envy. Step up to the plate with this Bad Man's Bat and every head in the park is sure to turn.

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