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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baseball Hitting Tips - The Top 11

Baseball Coaching Tips and Drills
By Guest Author Jeffery A Wise

How many articles have you read that contain the top 10 baseball hitting tips? There are actually dozens of hitting tips but I'm going to go over the top 11. It's time to rev things up and give you some high level tips that will help you immediately.

Baseball is a thinking man's game so you really need to read these tips and think about them before running out to the field and trying them out. You should also visualize yourself putting these tips to action and then you're ready to hit.

Be a confident hitter. Every time you go up to bat you should have the confidence that you can hit any ball in the strike zone. Be patient and always be ready to attack the ball.

Know your mission. Every time you go up to bat you need a mission. Is there a runner on third base that you need to get home? Is there a runner on second base with no one out that you need to get over to third? Be mentally prepared for your mission.

Know the strike zone. Be patient and disciplined and wait for a good pitch to hit in the strike zone. If you do that the pitchers will be less likely to throw you anything out of the strike zone that you might otherwise chase.

Have consistent hitting preparation. Whether you're on the bench waiting for your turn to hit or on deck, always have good mental preparation. Check the pitcher out and see how he pitches and look to see what kind of pitches he's throwing. Look at where all the fielders are positioned and understand the best you can the kind of calls the umpire is making.

Find a comfortable hitting stance. The key is to be as comfortable as possible in the batters box. Find foot positioning that is right for you. If you are uncomfortable in the box then it will mess with your head and your other mechanics will be off.

Strive for a consistent swing. Whether the ball is pitched outside or inside, be sure to keep the same smooth swing. You may need to adjust your timing or what part of the zone you swing at, but never change your swing.

Shake slumps quickly. Nobody likes to be in a hitting slump but even the pros have them every now and then. Avoid the mental slumps by never doubting yourself at the plate. If you're striking out a lot it's because you're swinging at bad pitches. Try and be more selective.

Hitting zones. Know the different types of hitting zones and master them, whether it's the back of the plate, middle of the plate or front half of the plate.

There's more to hitting than just home runs. Try to be a consistent hitter and hit to all fields. This will make the defense play you honestly. There are many other things to do in hitting than home runs. Hit and run, bunts, opposite field hitting and more.

The final two tips I have are to recognize each pitch that is thrown and remember that each spot in the lineup has a purpose, whether it's leadoff, cleanup or the number 9 spot.

Jeffery A Wise invites you to learn the proven system of baseball hitting tips so that you can learn how to hit a baseball better. Start learning today at by reading our information and downloading our free report.

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