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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Right Way Batters Practice Baseball

The Right Way Batters Practice Baseball
By guest author: Connor R Sullivan

Baseball is a sport and a game that requires constant practice. This is so the player can become more skilled at the sport and be able to surpass any difficulty he has on the field. When practicing, having a baseball pitching machine is a good idea. This machine can help mold the batter's skill at hitting the ball. Even softball pitching machines are advised in the game of softball. The result is a batter who is confident he can hit the ball thrown to him.

However, it is equally important that the batter takes care of his eyes and not only concentrate in practicing his pitches. The saying "you cannot hit what you cannot see" applies to the condition of a batter as it is his task to hit the ball pitched to him. Once he does not take good care of his eyes, he will not be able to see the ball clearly when it is thrown to him. As a result, he could get a strike.

When it comes to hitting, there are four main categories. These include the mechanics, adjustments, vision, and planning the approach for each bat. These all pay an important aspect to each time the batter hits the ball. For this, it is the role of the coach to train his players properly so they can become the best at the sport.

Although each of the categories is equally important, they cannot be performed well without the mechanical part of the hitter's approach. Especially if it is the beginning of the training, it is recommended to concentrate on this part of hitting as it pays a huge significance in the rest of the categories. During this time, the other three categories can be neglected as they will be carefully executed later on. For this reason, there are some exercises that need to be used to get acquainted with the mechanics of hitting the ball.

One of these exercises is to practice with color. Because there are a lot of batters who are visual learners, practicing with color can prove to be an ideal method of learning. This can be done by obtaining balls of different sizes. Then, each ball needs to be marked with a colored dot using a permanent felt marker. It is important though that this dot is medium-sized, not too big that it becomes too obvious and not too small for the drill to be complicated. The practice then occurs by doing some front tosses or flipping baseballs. Using the colored dots, coaches can instruct their batters to hit only the balls with the specified color.

Aside from practicing, coaches must also teach his players the importance of taking care of their eyes even when they are not on the field. In order to do so, here are the tips:

• Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

• Sparingly use allergen reducing eye drops

• Refrain from using contact lenses for over 19 hours

• UV protective sunglasses should be worn

• Avoid spending so much time in front of the computer screen

• Rubbing the eyes needs to be avoided

• Make sure to get enough rest and sleep

• A visit to the optometrist every year is recommended

By following these tips, each player will be able to keep his eyes well rested when he plays baseball or softball. Not to mention, these tips can also help even ordinary people.

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