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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coaching Baseball Pitchers - Two Windup Variations Used to Disrupt a Batter's Concentration

By Nick Dixon

There are two simple actions that a pitcher can use to distract or disrupt a batters concentration. The two actions are the "double pump windup" and the "start over" pitch deliveries that are done to change a pitchers regular windup and delivery. Both of these actions are used when there are no base runners on base.

The first change in delivery is the "Double Pump" windup. The pitcher has to be throwing out of the "windup". This technique is rarely seen today but it was quite popular years ago. The "double-pump" windup is done as the name implies. The pitcher uses a double pump or triple pump action in the windup. The pitcher brings the hands up and over the head as usual. The hands are then dropped down to the starting position and the process is repeated. The pitcher does not "rock back" onto the non-pivot foot until the final pump. The pitcher then rocks back and throws the pitch. It is recommended that this technique be used only 2 or 3 times a game.

The second change in delivery that can be is the "start over" technique. The pitcher will simply stop during the early stage of the windup. The pitcher simply stops and acts as if a miss-step or a problem has occurred to make stop in motion necessary. This is a simple and effective technique that disrupts a batter's concentration. This technique should also be used only once or twice a game. The pitcher must make this action look natural. These two techniques can be used effectively to frustrate and distract batters.

These two techniques are equivalent to a "batter calling time" or "stepping out of the box" to disrupt a pitcher's rhythm. All pitchers should be taught these techniques. Knowledge of such methods and techniques is important to all pitchers and coaches. Whether or not they use them is a decision to be made later. These two methods can't be used when a runner is on base because they will be called a "balk".

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