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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mastering The Curveball - Basic Tips And Techniques

By Sumit Bhatnagar and Parul Aggarwal

It is indeed quite difficult to master the curveball. Managing to hit the great curveball consistently can take you to the hall of fame.

But, bear in mind that recognizing a curveball is not very easy. If you are willing to master the skill of hitting a curveball, you should get into a certain routine to practice it.

Following are some basic tips and techniques that will surely help you in planning a routine for yourself:

• During the practice sessions, when your team pitchers are throwing in the bullpen, stand in and find out how early you can recognize the ball out of their hand.

• Also, during your batting practice, ask the pitcher to mix in some curveballs. These pitches need not be only strikes. All you got to do is practice to recognize pitches.

• Moreover, during batting practice, whenever someone else is hitting, opt to stand behind the cage and try to recognize the pitcher’s release point.

• Try to see the ball out of the pitcher’s hand much before hitting in the on deck circle. You should recognize the ball before it is halfway to the home plate. After that it will be too late to recognize the ball.

In order to succeed against the curveball, here are some more tips to follow:

• It is very necessary to recognize the curveball as early as possible. It is really tough to recognize a good pitcher’s curveball.

• If the curveball is hard, the trajectory of the ball will pop up out of the hand to a lesser extent.

• The harder a curveball is thrown by a pitcher, the more difficult it is for him to control.

• Just after the release, you should look for the 12/6 rotation of the seams.

• Apart from this, hands and body should be kept at your back. Also, your weight should stay back to at least 70%.

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