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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pitching Mechanics Drills - Yes Drill Sergeant!

By KC Andrus

Pitchers control the entire game of baseball, it is one of the most coveted positions in the game. Think about it, the game can go absolutely nowhere unless the pitcher throws the ball. With all this power in their hands pitchers need to feel confident on the mound. This will enable them to pound the strike zone with and at a high velocity. The most prudent way to do this is to improve your pitching mechanics. So how do you improve your pitching mechanics? What's the most important thing to focus on? Here are some drills to help out.

1. Extension Drill- This drill is fantastic for making sure you are fully extended and releasing the ball out in front. Simply drop to one knee and put your throwing elbow in your glove out in front of your face. Then throw the ball using only a flick of your wrist, concentrating on getting that good extension and producing consistent results. This will help improve your velocity as well by improving the rate at which the ball comes out of your hand and helping you reach further towards home, in effect putting you closer to the plate.

2. On a Knee- This drill still requires you to remain on one knee. All you need to do to perform this drill is to find a partner and play catch on a knee. The thing you need to focus and this drill will really help is your follow through and finish. It is very important that you concentrate on your throwing arm finishing over the opposite knee. This drill will help create great consistency within your throwing motion.

These are only a couple drills that will help with your pitching mechanics. This drills in particular help with your actually arm motion, but there is so much more to pitching mechanics than your arm action. There are many pitching mechanics drills that will help you improve both the velocity and command of your pitches. Follow the link below to learn how you can add 10 mph to your fastball"

Pitching Mechanics Drills

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