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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baseball Game Speed - The Best Speed Training Workouts For Baseball!

By Brandon Richey

Baseball game speed is a necessity. Speed training workouts for baseball have to be a necessity in order to be competitive on the field of play. Whether you are trying to beat out a throw for a base hit or you are trying to chase down a fly ball, speed is a necessary trait to have for that moment.

In order to develop true baseball speed you must have a well designed baseball fitness program. Your personal fitness and strength program should include kettlebell lifting and resisted speed and agility training in order to optimally develop your game. The only way to develop speed is to train for it by increasing your total body strength and overall reaction time. Kettlebell training is great for developing both your total strength, as well as, helping you to develop power with certain lifts that can be designed to achieve an explosive quality which is necessary for running speed, acceleration, and deceleration. Speed and agility drills for baseball such as resisted harness runs, plyometrics, and hurdle drills are also great for improving your athletic performance. The key to being successful in developing game day speed is to incorporate these methods of strength and conditioning into your personal fitness program.

If you have not yet gotten acquainted with the ancient kettlebell then you are truly missing out. Well designed strength and conditioning programs are the key for developing any serious athlete for optimal competition. The ancient kettlebell has molded the world's finest athletic bodies and strongmen for over three centuries. In other words, it works! Remember that anybody can train hard, but only champions train smart.

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