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Monday, December 14, 2009

Speed Kills in Baseball

By Brian Moran


Ever wonder why the first thing you do at a pro tryout is run the 60 yard dash? Because you can't play at the next level running a 7.9.

Well, unless you hit the ball 500 feet.

Cut to the Chase (no pun intended)

Use this off-season...whether it's cold or warm in your area...

* Find a Hill (a steep one)(20 min)...The first few strides are crucial. Running up a slight hill (about 30 degrees) helps to develop power and acceleration. Keep the distances short (10-15 yards) and allow extra rest between sets and reps.

o 10 sprints - forward
o 10 sprints - backward
o 10 sprints - side shuffle

* Stretch - 2x day (15 min) My flexibility was the one thing holding me back that I didn't become aware of until college, where I trained with a former Olympic sprinter. We worked on my flexibility, lengthened my stride, and improved technique. My 60-time dropped from 6.65 to a 6.45 in 3 months...stretch.

o Hamstring Stretches
o Calf Stretches
o Glute Stretches
o Quad Strecthes

* Running Form Drills

o High Stepping - run in place, 15 sec sets, raising your knees to 90 degrees. Repeat 3-5 sets. This increases your running form and lengthens your stride.
o Army Walk - walk in a straight line, raising your leg straight out (unbent) and touching the tip of your toe with your opposite hand. Lengthens stride and improves flexibility. (walk for 30 feet = 1 set | 3-5 sets)

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