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Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Skills You Need to Get an Internship in Baseball

5 Skills You Need to Get an Internship in Baseball
By Ashley Shaw

When you're trying to get that dream internship with your favorite baseball team, it can be very competitive or easy depending on the skills that you have acquired. Although many teams have different requirements of their interns, everyone that you have may add a unique asset to their team that they may be looking for. In my experience applying to various Cape Cod Baseball League teams to intern for, and actually interning for the Brewster Whitecaps two summers ago, each team required similar skills as well as their own that they were looking for.

-Knowledge of Baseball.

If you have no background on the sport and have never even watched a game or know any rules, then don't even bother applying. Teams will want to know that you know the ins and outs of the game. Anything from the different positions on the field to doing the scoring book during games. If you show them how much you know about the game, it will definitely be a positive on your end.


Most organizations will ask you about real life situations that you've been in before when being interviewed. If you prove to them that you like to be the leader of the pack, that's what they want. Organizations want people who will take initiative to getting work done and not sit in the back seat and just do what they are told. By having the leadership skill, it will show them that not only would you be able to handle tough situations and get them started, but also that you are a hard worker and want to see things done right.

-Communication/Team Work.

Being able to communicate well with others and work as part of a team is really important. With most organizations you will be working with a team to accomplish different goals and communication will be the most important part of it.

Working with other people who may have different viewpoints you will need to be able to communicate with them to solve problems or to let them know what else may need to be done and/or what already is done. You would also need to know how to communicate properly with different players, agents and other staff because not everyone is the same, but knowing how to communicate professionally will put you ahead of others applying for the internship.

-Computer Skills.

It will only be to your benefit to be experienced in using computer applications such as Microsoft Word and how to create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Every organization uses both of these very frequently by inputting player stats into a spreadsheet or even creating and keeping an up to date list of contacts. Microsoft Word is good to know if you will ever need to create a review of a game or any other task they may ask you to write for the team. These two applications are great things to know how to use not only in baseball, but really anything else in any type of business.


This skill will be relevant in anything you do in life. But to succeed at your internship, being able to multi-task is very important. You will be asked to accomplish a number of things at once and you'll need to be able to keep track of everything and keep it in order to accomplish it. Also being able to ask what task will be next on the list so you could maybe get two things done at once to get ahead of the work. You may be asked to put up banners along the outfield fence, but then your boss may need you to set up the pitching machine for the kids that come to the game as well. Being able to handle more than one thing at once will help you with anything you do.

By acquiring these skills over time through taking different classes or even through various jobs you've had in the past will help you get that internship you've always wanted. Although these are just a few of the skills you may need, you can never stop building that list of skills you have because the more you have, the better off you will be and will be more ahead of the game than other people applying as well.

Ashley Shaw
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