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Friday, October 1, 2010

Coaching Teamwork

Coaching Teamwork
By guest author: John J. Castro

With team sports such as baseball, the more your players that can work together, the greater the chances of success they will have on the field. The true meaning of a team work comes out when the players learn to understand all the benefits of working together and very actively really want to do so. When you are the coach, bringing your team together is your own responsibility. This should be part of your coaching philosophy. Things that can help you with bringing your team together would be things such as, applaud for every successful play made on the field. For example if a second baseman makes a great play and throws the ball off balance and the ball comes up short to the first baseman but he catches it in the dirt and still gets the out.

You should cheer for the second baseman but never forget to cheer for the first baseman as well because his effort as well as the second baseman's effort might have been the reason they got the out. Another thing you should always do is to encourage enthusiasm in the dugout as well as on the field. Always have the team supporting each other. Even if there are players on the bench that are not playing they should still be supporting their team. Last you should always change around your captain role throughout your team to avoid jealousy or favoritism within the team. Even so maybe the best way to avoid any jealousy would be to not even have a team captain. This way everyone is equal to one another and everyone can play that same role.

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