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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baseball and Hitting - 4 Reasons to Be Using the Fence Drill

By Baseball Coaching Digest Guest Author: Bill Bathe

There are many drills used for baseball that will help you when you are trying to improve your offensive production. However, there is one drill that I particularly like and has the most overall effect on your swing. And that is the fence drill.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be utilizing the fence drill and why it is so important.

•Promotes balance. Probably the most important aspect in any sport is the proper utilization of your balance. Never is this more illustrated then when using the fence drill. If you are not doing well on your balance, you will not be able to perform this drill very well. You need to keep your balance and it all starts with the right setup and the right balance. Rule number one, get your balance.

•Promotes an inside out swing. What do we mean when we say inside out? It simply signifies a path that your hands take when attacking the ball. It is the same approach that you see in golf. If you think about it, the shortest path to the ball is a direct path that is obtained by the often used phrase "inside out swing". It isn't rocket science and it is used in all sports. If we look at the first two reasons, we start with balance and move on to the inside out swing.

•Teaches proper swing plane. Again, what do we mean by this? I am sure you have heard the term "swing plane" in golf. Well, it is the same thing in baseball. When you are utilizing proper balance and proper inside out approach, you are developing your correct swing plane. This is all fundamentals and it begins with the balance and progresses to eventually you developing your proper swing plane to the ball. This is the swing that you want to repeat and work on over and over again. Use video taping to review your swing and have your coach watch you as you perform the fence drill to make sure that you are executing it properly. Remember, you want to do it right. It is not important how many times you do it, but it is important that you are doing the drill correctly so you can build on your development.

•It builds confidence. I know what you are thinking and are wondering how a fence drill can build confidence. When you are doing your drills correctly you are going to see improvement in your swing. This translates into better performance on the field which translate into building confidence. It is definitely a confidence booster.

Baseball's fence drill appears to be a simple and unimportant drill when it comes to your swing. Don't be fooled, it is a powerful drill that will greatly improve your swing by allowing you to build the fundamentals of balance and an inside out swing path. This will lead to a better performance for you on the field.

Bill Bathe - former major league ballplayer who played for the Oakland A's and S.F. Giants and played in the 1989 world series. To learn more about the baseball fence drill, visit Baseball Fence Drill Also, to learn more about improving your swing using a fungo, visit Baseball Fungo Drill

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