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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Coaching Youth Baseball Pitchers - 4 Common Pitching Flaws of Young Baseball Pitchers"

By: Nick Dixon

4 Common Pitching Flaws of Young baseball Pitchers.

The 4 flaws covered are Not Seeing The Target, Landing on the Heel, Throwing Across the Body, Poor Follow-Through and Finish. Coach Dixon describes each baseball pitching mistake and how to correct each.

1. NOT SEEING THE TARGET - Teach pitchers to "lock in" on the chosen "target spot" during the delivery. I call these targets anchor points. They may be the mitt, knees of the catcher, catcher mask, umpires mask, and other visual points. The "anchor points" vary with the pitch location being thrown. When runners are on, make sure the pitcher "refocuses" on the target after checking the runner/runners and before throwing the pitch. Many beginning pitchers have tendency to look down

2. LANDING ON THE HEEL - Landing on the heel of the stride foot will cause control problems and accelerate fatigue. The pitcher should land softly on the "ball" of the stride foot. Landing on the front half of the stride foot reduces the "landing impact" on body thus helping to improve body control and pitch control. Control the body; control the pitch!

3. THROWING ACROSS THE BODY - This is caused when the pitcher strides to "closed" to allow a smooth delivery and follow through. The pitcher must throw across the body causing a "front hip lock" that prevents proper and adequate front hip movement and rotation. The pitcher should stride into "center zone" toward the plate to prevent this flaw.

4. POOR FOLLOW-THROUGH - The pitcher should finish low with a bent back and slightly bent front leg. The pitcher should strive to finish with the throwing arm outside of the knee and chest over thigh. The emphasis should be on achieving a smooth and proper follow through on every pitch.

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