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Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Rotational Hitting Drills to Make Your Swing Automatic

By Rob Bucher

Searching for some rotational hitting drills?

Honing your rotational baseball swing and ingraining it into muscle memory can be accomplished by using drills.

Drills should be used for learning about your deficiencies and strengthening them through repetitive swings.

Once you have a swing which is replicated every time you rip at the ball , you can then continue to pin point problem areas and and tweak them until your swing becomes automatic.

Let me share with you three drills my players use to expand their abilities to hit the baseball properly. Even those these may seem dull and routine, they need to worked daily to keep the correct movements drilled into your muscle memory.

Body separation - This drill can be monotonous be very effective in learning how to build up and release your bodies natural kinetic energy. Get into an athletic batting stance and take pretend your striding into a pitch. As you stride turn your front shoulder in one or two inches while pushing your hands back. Repeat it over and over until it becomes second nature.

Contact - One drill you should be using is what I would call the contact drill. You need a old tire or a punching bag. What you want to accomplish is learning what it feels like to make contact with the ball at the right position. So you swing into the tire or bag until and make them meet at a ninety degree angle.
Double ball drill - We have found in order to promote the correct plane of the barrel to ball contact using two balls on a tee can help promote and upwards swing after contact. The object is to use one of the new tees where one ball can be placed in front of the other and slightly higher. As you swing make contact with the first ball working your way up to the second.

These tips really just scratch the surface of what you want to accomplish using rotational hitting drills. In order to maximize practice you should chunk down different areas of the swing until your become efficient in all aspects.

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