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Friday, November 13, 2009

Pitching Grips - Wrist and Forearm Angles

By Dan Gazaway

Before a pitcher even thinks about throwing any off speed pitch like a curveball, he must understand the basic mechanics of throwing a fastball. You have to understand that at the release of any pitch the ball should be released out in front of the landing foot. As a pitcher, you are also only as strong as your weakest link. That is why it is imperative to work on your strength, flexibility, pitching mechanics and nutrition to handle the workload of throwing a variety of pitches as each one is unique as it pertains to release of the baseball.

Once a pitcher can grasp the basic fundamentals of pitching mechanics and can apply them; learning how to throw any pitch is easier than you may think. It is necessary to have movement, change of speed and control to be a success on the mound.

Success with any pitch has a lot to do with your wrist and forearm angle from pulling the pitch from you glove to release of the baseball. The latest research, done by Tom House and The National Pitching Association in San Diego California, reveals that the wrist and forearm snap straight at the release point on all pitches. There are only two exceptions: the split-finger fastball and the forkball grips. All other pitches that are thrown, the thumb and middle finger split the baseball in half.

Curveball release: Wrist and forearm angle are in a "karate chop".
Fastball release: Palm facing the catcher at release. Circle change release: Circle is thrown at the catcher.

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