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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stretching is Fundamental For Baseball Training Programs

Stretching For Baseball Training
By Anthony J Pensabene

Remember your teacher from gym class making it mandatory to stretch for five minutes or so before each class? At the time, you may have thought that it was just a way for them to keep the class occupied for a few moments, but they were actually doing you a favor. Whether you are engaging in softball lessons, youth baseball instruction, or any kind of physical activity, it is vitally important to stretch first in order to avoid injury.

Baseball lessons always involve stretching because athletes playing the sport use their entire bodies to compete. What you may not know is that it is often suggested for athletes engaged in youth baseball instruction to stretch after competing as well. Stretching exercises should target all of the major muscle groups.

Youth baseball drills are headed by experienced instructors. Instructors specifically want to teach kids about baseball, but kids can learn healthy tips to use beyond baseball as well. Consider the following stretching tips provided during baseball lessons:

- Get a good stretch, but don't stretch to the point of discomfort

- The tight feeling in your muscles should diminish as you stretch

- Avoid holding your breath while stretching - breath into the stretch

- Hold each stretch for 10 to 30 seconds

- If tightness intensifies or you feel pain, then stop the stretch

- Shake your limbs before stretching them

- Complete 2-3 stretching exercises on a certain area before moving on

Stretching is just one additional component kids can learn when engaged in baseball training programs. Such programs are designed to also teach children how to work in a team; work towards achieving goals; facilitate self discipline; and much more. Ask your kids about joining baseball or softball camps for the summer. In addition, many areas offer on-going clinics all year long.

ZonedInc ( is a New Jersey-based baseball and softball facility offering camps, lessons, batting practice, pitching practice, and more opportunities. Our company and staff is committed to providing a healthy outlet for kids which focuses on learning good lessons to use in sports and throughout life.

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