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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baseball Game - Hitting Development - How to Use a Pitching Machine to Improve Your Hitting

Improve Your Baseball Game Hitting Performance - How to Use a Pitching Machine to Improve Your Baseball Game Hitting

By Lincoln Hawk

As a developing hitter, you might not always be able to find someone who is willing to throw tons of pitches to you to help you work on your game. This can be frustrating as you are trying to get better so you can achieve your dreams of playing at higher levels. There is one way that you can still work on your hitting without having to have someone through you pitches all the time, and that's through the use of a pitching machine. Here are a few ways you can use a pitching machine to help you develop your swing and become a better hitter:

1. Hitting Against Different Pitches

Growing up, you probably only had to hit against two pitches, the fastball and the changeup. As kids get older, they learn how to throw different pitches, which you will need to be able to hit. To practice hitting against pitches like curveballs and sliders, you will need a pitching machine with two wheels. With two wheels, you can set the machine to throw you pitches with different types of movement. This will help you to focus on certain pitches you may have trouble hitting.

2. Focus on Release Point

As a hitter, you want to give yourself as much time to determine whether the pitch is hitable or not. To do this, you need to focus on the ball as soon as it is released from the pitcher. What a pitching machine will do is force the hitter to focus on the pitch as soon as it leaves the machine. By practicing being able to focus on a pitch as soon as it is released, you give yourself a better chance of recognizing what kind of pitch it is, and how you may need to adjust your swing as the ball comes toward you.

3. Reaction Time

One benefit of using a pitching machine is that you can set the speed to whatever you need. By setting the speed of the machine to be a little faster than what you will normally see in game situations, you will improve your reaction time. If the pitching machine that you have doesn't throw as fast as what you will see in a game, you could move the machine closer to home plate. This will cause you to have to increase your reaction time in order to make solid contact with the pitch.

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