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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extraordinary Bat Speed - 2 Best Exercises to Generate Serious Bat Speed!

By Brandon Richey

Once again the best way to increase the mph of your bat speed is to have a smart strength and conditioning program in place. Athleticism is built upon an individual having a powerful core, superior total body strength, and can train their body in a functional system. Check out the following 2 exercises that I have included here to help you with your hitting power!

1. The Double Arm Kettlebell Swing: By now you may be familiar with the ancient kettlebell and understand that this is an ancient strength and conditioning device that has been around for a long time. This device is second to nothing when helping any athlete develop a superior strength and conditioning program for optimal performance. The base lift of the kettlebell is the double arm swing. This single lift is tremendous in that it incorporates hundreds of your muscles at once and will help you to develop tremendous cardiovascular conditioning at the same time. This lift is done by you having to constantly flex and extend at both your hips and knees to build up the necessary momentum to swing the kettlebell from between your legs up to chest height. This is where you develop superior core strength, shoulder power, and total body conditioning to make swinging your bat seem easier than ever.

2. Kettlebell Figure Eights To A Hold: This is a dynamic drill that certainly strengthens your core, hips, and helps with a tremendous amount of trunk rotation which is absolutely necessary when it comes down to swinging that Louisville Slugger. To begin this drill set the kettlebell on the ground between your feet. Pick it up with one arm and flex at your hips and knees to swing or hike it between your legs. As you "hike it" between your legs simply pass the bell off to the other hand. As you grab the bell with the opposite hand bring it around to the outside of your leg at your body's side. As the momentum of the bell brings it to this point simply fire off and extend at your hip and knee and allow the momentum to assist you in swinging the bell across your body. As you swing it across your body simply catch it at your opposite pec (chest muscle) or shoulder. From here simply pass it back through your legs to repeat the process on the other side. This bat speed drill will certainly help you to enhance your hitting power. If you haven't gotten acquainted with kettlebell training then you are only holding back your progress. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the champions train smart!

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